A private -public initiative to co-create and facilitate the development of a sustainable technology and startup ecosystem in Aruba.

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Questions to Audience

  • Are you (or one of your employees) willing to join this platform?
  • Are you willing to participate in knowledge-sharing and allocate funds to create and support the platform?
  • Did we miss something in the manifesto?
  • What are your thoughts about Startups and Startup Aruba?

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Startup Aruba
Startup Aruba is a private -public initiative to co-create and facilitate the development of a sustainable technology and startup ecosystem in Aruba. Startup Aruba will provide a platform to bring the most innovative entrepreneurs from around the world to Aruba and create a supportive environment for local startups.

We believe the potential of Aruba to become the leading startup hub in the Caribbean and the positive impact a startup ecosystem will have on our economy and future generations. Creating a platform for the most promising startups and entrepreneurs from around the globe to come together and co-create and innovate with the local community will not only create a hub but also motivate Aruban entrepreneurs to build companies with a global reach. A platform where people can connect with each other and support each other leads to sustained action and change.

Startup Aruba is a non-hierarchical community where any stakeholder in the ecosystem can contribute to. Decision making is based on peer-governance and meritocracy. What we produce is open source and for the benefit of the Aruba startup ecosystem. As a transparent organization, it is our priority for everyone to understand what we do and benefit from it.

Be the largest open source startup platform in the Caribbean by 2020.

We are committed to helping startups in Aruba become the next big thing through creating an international and local support ecosystem.

Startups are the future of our economy
It is imperative that we work together with industry partners and policymakers to create and foster a healthy environment for startups to thrive in Aruba for many years to come. In this ecosystem, startups, investors, government sector and knowledge institutions work together to boost the startup ecosystem and connect it to other international startup hubs. This will facilitate entrance into new markets across the world, i.e., putting Aruba ‘on the map’ as a vibrant tech hub in the Caribbean region.

Why a startup ecosystem?
Co-creation of a startup ecosystem will spur economic growth and diversification of Aruba’s economy towards a knowledge economy. It is undeniable that Aruba needs to accelerate the use of technology in industry to ensure we maintain our global economic position. The focus on the Aruban technology sector is essential to the future success of the economy and creation of a knowledge based economy.

Long-term perspective - creation of new economic pillar
Creating of the Aruban startup ecosystem has the potential to contribute to the GDP of the Aruban economy, create new jobs, stimulate brain gain, stimulate established companies to be creative and innovative to develop new business cases and create extra export of services and products with a concerted effort from entrepreneurs, educators, the government and private sector.

Productivity growth is an effective way of growing the economy without necessarily requiring additional physical inputs. Achieving the economic contribution will require a significant and persistent effort to encourage more people to create and incubate a growing number of tech startups over the next 5 to 10 years.


Why Aruba?
Strong economic foundations in the tourism and trade industry and a stable political environment with a clear vision to create a sustainable society offer a dependable framework for continued growth. Ideally situated near Latin-America, with great flight connections to the U.S., one of the best internet connections of the Caribbean and its ties to the Netherlands and the European Union, Aruba is a natural strategic hub for startups looking to test and scale and investors looking to expand into new markets.

Startup Manifesto
Imagine an entire country working together, to cultivate a flourishing ecosystem, with startups that can grow and scale-up to a global level. We strongly believe that a culture of collaboration and openness is the way forward. At the core of our community is the Startup Manifesto which guides our decisions and actions. We embrace a permanent beta model, with curiosity and an open mindset we continuously test new way of doing things.

  1. Remove red tape and support the creation of a regulatory/tax environment that is supportive of startups;
  2. Facilitate funding opportunities;
  3. Promote "innovation hubs" that make neighborhoods more attractive to early-stage technology companies;
  4. Promote a culture of entrepreneurship;
  5. Facilitate strategic partnerships with successful accelerators, incubators, coding/education programs and startup communities worldwide;
  6. Connect local startup and tech initiatives with the resources they need to develop their programs;
  7. Work together with public and private sectors, local business leaders and key stakeholders to accelerate the growth of the Aruba startup ecosystem;
  8. Facilitate education programs to promote innovation, engineering, coding, technology and entrepreneurship (“a tech education hub for the region”);
  9. Create an open-source platform to facilitate knowledge sharing between incubators, accelerators and knowledge institutions;
  10. Connect startups with local businesses and international corporations or brands looking to innovate.

Immediate actions to accelerate the Aruba startup ecosystem

  • Create a friendly regulatory environment for startups
  • Unlock funding for early-stage startups
  • Recruit entrepreneurs with the right skills